Tuesday, August 16, 2011

photos from jewish hippie camp!

This is pretty much the only camp that I've ever liked. Regular camp is just too military-like for me. Firstly, there is vegan food for EVERY meal. It's right on the table marked "vegan or gluten free". Even when they would serve ice cream or something, they make sorbet too! It was really awesome not having to think about if there was going to be food that I could eat or not. :) And then there was a thing where you're not allowed to say anything about what anyone else or yourself look like. And the whole place is pretty granola-y and is almost sickingly idyllic. Like you can spend your free time hanging out next to the goats while singing "hallelujah" and watching a group of 8 year olds playing with the free range angora bunny.

The awesome camp farm where almost all of the vegetables/grains we ate are grown. They had sheep, goats, and chickens too, but they're at the other side of camp. If you look closely, you can see the ridiculously huge compost pile in the distance.

Vivian, the self-appointed camp mom. She taught a bunch of people in our cabin to spin fire with her.
Getzel, our fedora-wearing rabbinical student who gives lectures about shabbat being a state of mind.
Our friday night shabbat services...in the freaking woods.

shabbat "freakout dance session" after services. And led by Uncle Pesach (the one with the beard and turban), the most awesome human being I know, and also the music/"sound vibrations" teacher.

This is the boys about to enter the sweat lodge. Us girls were way too self conscious to let the photographer take a picture of us in our underwear while we're dripping in sweat.

this was during our paint dancing party on the last full day! It took me 3 long showers to get all the acrylic paint off of me. :(

our last havdalah before ending camp (the holiday that separates shabbat from the rest of the week). This is right before we have a MAJOR freakout dance session and everyone gets high on hugs and adrenaline from fire spinning.


  1. Jewish hippie camp looks seriously freaking awesome. Almost makes me wish I were Jewish! And a teen. :-D Glad you had a great time!

  2. Can you say the name of the camp. I would like to think about it for my daughter. thanks!