Saturday, July 2, 2011

Finished poem...finally

I guess that this might
seem a little weird
I mean,
your ex-girlfriends
probably never
told you that
they could fly

but all you do is
stare at me weird
and roll your eyes
like I'm joking
you lean back in your chair
and give me that awful smile
like I'm 5 years old
and I told you that
I have a magical unicorn

so I run
in that moment anger runs
through my skin like a gust of wind
memories flash
through my mind

the look you gave me when I told you
I loved you
like it grossed you out

how you would laugh at me
when I cried
over roadkill

the memories pop into my head
one by one
each one making me angrier
I can feel my head lifting
a wave of burning hot air
propelling it
I concentrate on what
an awful asshole
you are
until the air is so strong
it sears my flesh

somehow though
it doesn't hurt
like my anger
is a protective balm
a shield against pain

but then
I pause
another memory comes...
floating into me
I try to keep it out
but it pushes through
my skin anyways

and I remember
you staying up all night
texting me
giving me a reason to live

and that's all it takes
my ferocious anger
goes stale

my body
without my permission
flips upside down
and I plummet down
my body like a magnet
trying to connect with the core
of the earth

to be continued (maybe, I don't know if I'll want to keep using this premise)


  1. This is an awesome poem.

    Personally I would start each line with a capital letter or at least the first line of each stanza with a capital one. It seems neater to me that way.

    But every one has their own preferences, don't let me force mine onto you.

    I could really feel the anger emanating from this poem, very fierce and powerful. It touched me, and indeed frightened me a little. The emotion in here feels as if its barely contained and is going to burst out and overwhelm me.

    Which is excellent writing.

  2. don't know how amazing it is to hear that. Or maybe you do. Anyways, thanks to you, I finally wrote the ending to this poem! *waits for applause*

  3. thats such a cool poem!!!! wow wish i could write like that!!!!

    can u folllow my blog please